2022 Spring Intake Beijing Scholarship

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University Profile

    The university enrol international students for undergraduate, master's and doctoral degrees. The categories of non-academic education are preparatory students and scholars. The form of study is full-time. The university will issue the university diploma to students who have reached the graduation requirements of their major within the specified number of years. Those who meet the relevant regulations of the university will be awarded the degree certificate of ordinary higher education. Non-degree students who have completed their studies within the specified period of time will be provided with a realistic certificate.

    The university enrolls both liberal arts students and science students from all over the world.

Basic Info.

City: Beijing

Intake: 2022 spring

Degree: Bachelor

Duration: 4 years

Language: English

Application Period: 2021.10.15-2021.12.15


I. Degree Programs

Bachelor’s programs

Duration: 4 years. Students will be awarded diplomas upon successful completion of required courses, the thesis, and the oral defense of the thesis. Those who fulfil the requirements for a bachelor’s degree will also be awarded a degree certificate.

II. Non-degree Programs

1. Preparatory programs

Duration: 0.5-1 year. Students can be referred to a relevant bachelor’s program if they perform well at school, meet academic qualification requirements and achieve excellent exams results.

2. Programs for General Visiting Students

Duration: 0.5-1 year. Can be extended by semester based on student’s application and approval after comprehensive review. Students will be granted a course-completion certificate if they have completed all the courses in Chinese language study or in other majors as required and passed the exams within their study duration.

Bachelor Majors

International Business

International Economics and Trade

Business Administration



Fees Structure

1. Tuition

Bachelor degree:

-School of Chinese Language and Literature (Chinese Language) 26000RMB/year

-School of Chinese 800 Language and Literature (Translation from & into Chinese) 28000RMB/year

-International Business School (Majors Taught in English) 39900RMB/year

-Other Schools 26000RMB/year

Preparatory programs

School of International Relations and Diplomacy (Taught in Chinese) 26000RMB/year

International Business School (Taught in English) 20000RMB/year

2. Accommdation fee (one-time payment for a semester)

-Single room: 60 yuan/day, or 70 yuan/day, or 90 yuan/day

-Double room: 40 yuan/day, or 120 yuan/day

-Quadruple room: 60 yuan/day


①Given the limited dormitory resources, the university accepts no room reservation for freshmen in the first semester, and provides necessary accommodation for every freshman who has the need. However, the type of room will be subject to uniform arrangements by the university. From the second semester on, students can make room reservation for themselves. Room applications by students in degree programs in their final year are subject to room availability, but in principle, the university will no longer provide on-campus dormitory.

②Students who choose to live off-campus during their study should arrange their own accommodation in advance. Those who live in a residential community should, within 24 hours of check-in, go to the nearest police station for the issuance of the Accommodation Registration Form accompanied by the landlord.

③Students living off-campus can proceed on enrolment and visa formalities with a valid Accommodation Registration Form.

3. Other fees

Registration fee: 800RMB

Medical Insurance: 400 Yuan per person for six months; 800 Yuan per person for a year.


5 percent to 100 percent of tuition reduction.

About VISA

    Please apply for an X1 or X2 Visa (for study) at the Chinese Embassy/Consulate with the the university Admission Notice, the “Visa Application for International Students to Study in China” form (JW202/201 Form), and other materials before entering the country. For detailed visa application materials and procedures, please contact the Chinese Embassy/Consulate for the specific requirements of the documents. The decision made by the Chinese Embassy (consulate) to issue or refuse the visa shall be final.


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